A Celebration of Detroit TV is a 90 minute salute to a time when TV was as local as Vernors, Sanders Hot Fudge and Hudson's.

  Back then, there was room for Soupy Sales, Fred Wolf, Van Patrick, Lou Gordon, Dick Westerkamp, George Pierrot, Jingles in Boofland, Bill Kennedy, Lord Layton, The Lady of Charm, Auntie Dee, Milky the Clown and Mort Neff.

 These local stars and many more contributed to Detroit's sense of community. A Cub Scout troop could visit The Sagebrush Shorty Show or youngsters could watch their classmates do the limbo with Poopdeck Paul.

 Bob Seger and many of Motown's legendary names received their first big exposure in the 1960s on local dance shows such as Channel 9's Swingin' Time and Channel 7"s Club 1270.

 Even as Channels 2, 4, 7 and 9 were becoming permanent fixtures in southeast Michigan living rooms, new stations were being added. Thanks to the introduction of what seemed at the time "cutting edge" technology, UHF antennas introduced Channels 50, 56 and 62 into the local culture.

 Using rare footage and clips as well as conversations with many of Detroit's television pioneers, A Celebration of Detroit TV goes back to the day Detroiters saw their first television programs in 1947 and shows how local television became an important part of the fabric of our local character.

 For those who saw it and remember, the creativity lives on.

 Got any rare video from the Golden Age of Detroit television? Shoot us an email at Detroittvhistory@gmail.com.